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Mohave County, AZ Commercial Real Estate - 'The Best DOES Cost More' - Commercial Investment Real Estate Mohave County AZ
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I saw a post (on another forum) recently, seeking resources for a specific type of professional (a lender).

I posted a pick, based on years of personal experience and numerous successful transactions. I have learned from experience NEVER to recommend anyone I would not defend before a judge. This one, no hesitation.

Even in the most challenging situations, this individual and company are consistently efficient, resourceful, responsive and caring toward me, my clients and others involved.

Another response balked: “Ehhh . . . that company’s fees are too high.”

I had to think for a second, because . . .

The issue of cost never entered my consciousness.

Not a single client has ever complained to me about being able to save by going elsewhere, nor indicated they would not use this professional again for any reason.

Indeed, many of my clients use this professional for multiple transactions, as we have been fortunate enough to enjoy serving our valued clients many times over the years.

In fact, yesterday I heard from a client closed 2 years ago, wanting to send a friend to this pro. Did I have her number handy?

The experience resonated, clearly–or they would have taken a path of less resistance.

For my services as a Bullhead City, AZ area commercial real estate broker, I charge fees that vary based on the time, materials, resources, energy and ‘grief factor’ of the individual ‘case’. I’ve been told that they are higher than others’ at times. On rare occasion, some will balk.

And I’ve walked away from prospectives unwilling to pay what I thought was appropriate.

Because . . . to me,

Adding value, not decreasing cost are primary consideration.

Lots of time, money and energy goes into offering the best service, communication, representation and resources to our clients.

I figure, I’d rather pay for the best than pay less for less than the best.

The best costs more. It is also more durable.

In this day and age, why would anyone cut corners on the most important investments of our lives?

Have you calculated replacement cost on a do-over?

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