Upcoming Highway 95 Improvements Fort Mohave AZ 86426

Highway 95 Signalization at Hammer Lane

Median Strip Hammer Lane to Camp Mohave Rd


Fort Mohave, AZ is developing.

The Fort Mohave Walmart Supercenter is going up fast in the 5200 block.

Cattle Company Steakhouse is almost completed in the 5000 block.

Neighborhood Car Wash  is open for business in the 5000 block.

According to ADOT, the intersection of South Highway 95 and Hammer Lane, between Valley View Medical Center and Casa Serrano/Walmart will soon be a signalized intersection.

AND . . .


A median strip is going in along South Highway 95 between Hammer Lane and Camp Mohave Rd, which will cross El Rodeo and Aztec Rd.

This is HUGE, as we have had a lot of trouble with traffic accidents and even fatalities in this stretch of Highway 95. 

ETA for the median strip is late 2017 – mid 2018 or therabouts, according to ADOT.

Be safe out there!

And if you’re looking to develop or locate your business in Fort Mohave, check out these availabilities:

4636 S Highway 95, Fort Mohave AZ 86426

1560 E Dunlap Rd, Fort Mohave AZ 86426

1540 E Dunlap Rd, Fort Mohave AZ 86426

4644 Gemini Circle, Fort Mohave AZ 86426

5605-5611 S Highway 95, Fort Mohave AZ 86426



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