20 Acres Next To Oatman Fire Station, Oatman AZ 86433
Mohave County AZ Acreage For Sale
20 Acres Off Oatman Highway, Oatman AZ 86433
20 Acres w Patented Bell Mining Claim, Oatman AZ 86433

A common dilemma for those searching for Mohave County acreage for sale is finding ‘big dirt’ that’s not too remote.

This rare availability may be of interest to those who want to be close, but not too close to town:

20 Acres Next To Oatman Fire Station, Oatman AZ 86433, a 20.61 acre parcel with the PATENTED Bell Mining Claim  (the patenting is extremely important, as it converted the land into privately-owned property) to the south of the Oatman Fire Station, and apx 600 feet east of Oatman Highway is unspoiled, beautiful acreage not too far off the beaten path. It is  actually a pair of contiguous parcels and includes APNs 221-29-006 and 221-29-007.


The 600 feet (+/-) between the paved street and the parcel is BLM (federal) land.

There is fencing along the north property line, between the property and the fire station.

Zoning is County AR (Agricultural-Residential).

Numerous trails to, around and through the property call out to your ATV!

This property’s owner is a long-time prospector and trader in mining land, and can provide lots of info to a buyer during an escrow.

At A REDUCED $4361 per acre ($89,000), this is a great value for an exceptional location.

For more information or to begin the offer process, contact us.