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Environmental Site Assessments for Commercial Properties - Commercial Investment Real Estate Mohave County AZ
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Environmental Site Assessments for Commercial Properties

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment – History of the Property 
A comprehensive check of federal and state regulatory records; and on-site survey and interviews. Some of the reports may include Radius Map with Geo Tech Report, Historical Research Report, Aerial Photos, Historical Gas Station Database. A Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment determines if a property has been exposed to hazardous waste or otherScenic Arizona Next Wave environmental contaminants as determined by EPA, State regulatory standards. These inspections are done by a licensed civil engineer.Phase 2 Environmental – Determination
When a Phase 1 Real Estate Environmental Inspection uncovers potential hazards, Phase 2 audit determines the scope off these problems and recommends remedial action. Phase 2 testing may include soil borings and analysis, chemical contaminant measures (asbestos, radon, formaldehyde, mercury, petrochemicals, ground water well contamination, etc, ) testing and laboratory reports with documentation and conclusions and recommendations.NOTE that you can often ask your inspector to obtain and analyze a soil sample during a Phase 1 Inspection.

Phase 3 Environmental – Remediation
Phase 3 audits involve additional site evaluation for proper design and implementation of remedial actions, Once site characterization reports have been completed and submitted to regulatory agencies for approval, the site may require clean-up and hazardous materials removed, abated, and disposed of through State, Federal regulatory compliance procedures.

Indoor Air Quality Analysis/Vapor Intrusion Inspections and Analysis
Determine the air quality and sick building syndrome problems for commercial and/or industurial buildings. Chemical vapors seeping into buildings from contaminated ground water or soil can have both economic and legal impacts.

Pre-Demolition/Construction Environmental Inspections
Inspect for suspect asbestos containing building materials, and chloroflourocarbons (CFC’s) before demolition. A state or Federal inspector may need to sign off on the building permit before demolition.

For more information on environmental issues, visit these sites:

Environmental Protection AgencyADEQ
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